I conduct workshops on presentation skills. There is still an opinion that it is about confident speech, posture and charisma. I do not share this point of view. I believe that the success of a presentation is based primarily on a logical, clear and interesting story with convincing arguments. This is the skill of scripting. Then comes the skill of designing slides – so that they help the speaker and do not confuse the audience. And the last skill is delivery: how to interact with the audience, answer questions, keep in touch, etc.

For organizations

Workshop programs & prices

One program for each skill. The programs can be conducted as separate workshops or combined into one intensive course

For individuals

Since I work as a corporate coach, below are a number of public alternatives to help you elevate your presentations

The Presentation Artist

One of the best open cohort-based courses on presentation and public speaking. I am a co-founder and one of the instructors.


The simulator helps to develop an eye for detail and an understanding of the basic principles of slide design

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