Sales deck for Flexis company, 20131 min read

Flexis is a Russian company that offers software developing as an outsourcing service in US. They needed a strategic positioning presentation to be sent via e-mail to potential clients. The purpose of the presentation was to convince companies in the United States to outsource their programming work to Russia. However, this is what teams from India, Indonesia and China were doing as well.

It did not make any sense to play on the field called “who is cheaper, faster, and more professional”. Therefore,I started  to analyze the company expertise. It turned out that the team did a really great job with “problem” projects that were inherited from other teams (those with missed deadlines, or where the intended features had not been fully or properly implemented).

Actually, this was the way one of the Account Managers introduced the company to potential clients at trade shows and conferences: “We are a Rescue team for software development projects”. Thus, their point on strategic positioning became very simple: We are the ones who save projects that other companies cannot.



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