How to master the right question asking1 min read

Me and my colleagues at Oraculum.Group + a bunch of smart people regularly gathered twice a month for about a year to figure out how to ask questions leading to a breakthrough: either a person suddenly notices a new point of view and that helps him progress further, or it simply addresses something that helps a person to develop their idea at a more deep level. As usual, we managed to organise all things into a nice system, but we were unable to make a step from 0 to 1. No breakthrough.

Today I have got an idea — why haven’t we ever tried to shadow a good journalist? Not a good provocative journalist (talk-shows on TV and YouTube). But rather those journalists who actually have to dig things out for an article. And a part of their daily job is to interview a lot of unfamiliar people which don’t trust them much, or don’t have enough time to talk (short and only one telephone call), or even both.

I think you can learn a lot if you interview such journalists after each of their interviews. Like why did they ask those questions?

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