Of the TOP 10 study techniques, only 2 always work well1 min read

According to this table of two studies on learning techniques, you can see that of all the top 10 ways, only 2 really work very well all the time: 8) tests in different variations: quizzes, case studies, etc., and 9) distributed practice vs. “now we spend 5 hours solving 60 exercises”. You probably already knew this. But now you know for sure that rereading and underlining are not very good for learning.

The first study (2013) identified the top 10 techniques for learning, while the the second study (2021) is a meta-analysis of these techniques in terms of effectiveness with a good sample size of N = 242.

It’s probably worth remembering that items 8 and 9 are not a cure-all, don’t just try to use them everytime. It is quite possible try something from the moderate techniques to diversify the process.

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