Zero impact of prayers on patients’ recovery1 min read

A double-blinded randomized clinical trial (N=199) found no evidence of an effect of intercessory prayer on patient mortality or on hospitalization time, ICU stay, and mechanical ventilation time. A private hospital in São Paulo, Brazil

I hope no one’s world has collapsed -)

Now let’s get a little more serious

  1. The pastors were Protestant and prayed remotely and had no family ties to the patients; the patient groups were randomized to both believers and non-believers. The patients in the intervention group knew they were being prayed for. That’s if you need context.
  2. I don’t think this study has been done for scientists in the first place. Scientists and medical professionals are well aware that prayers don’t work in these cases. It’s sad that in 2022, smart people still have to do studies like this to prove they “cured” rather than “prayed away” a disease


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