Dealing with the PROBLEM analysis paralysis1 min read

You have done the structure. Took a few attempts on script. It is quite fine. But something creeps in your soul. It is the PROBLEM. You feel the conflict, you see what keeps them (audience) up at night, but can’t lay it down in a clear and short way. A a few slogan sentences like «Everybody lies because of this and that. And here is my solution».

Most of the time you fall into writing a dialog,

or a bunch of examples illustrating the problem, but it is not the core, not the kernel of the problem. It is a description. It is a form of analysis paralysis.

So there are two ways out

1. Stop trying to write it down. Let yourself fail. And go explain it to your kids, wife, younger brother. The problem will arise by itself. As in psychoanalysis. And suddenly you will realize that you have made it.

2. Another thing to do is not so miraculous, but more about logic. Make a recap on your solution, tie up all the sub-problems. It is better to have only 3 of them. Then call it as much stupid as you can. Like «People do stupid things: one. two three». You have just overcome the problem stuck.

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