A short review on “How do smart people make smart decisions?”, TEDx1 min read

In a nutshell this is decent presentation for a TED-format. This keynote isn’t ruined by a way too much “acting” in the beginning when Gerd Gigerenzer tells a story about changing university. Obviously, the TEDx-organizers insisted on that “acting”. This talk isn’t ruined by the fact that the speaker basically explained and tried to prove only one thesis out of 4. And even his manner of displaying a lot of text on the slide all at once without any animations does not ruin the whole talk either.

This is because of:

  • Logical structure of the talk (intro, problem, solution, resolution)
  • I’m able to pause the Youtube video when it is too dense
  • The speaker talks about quite reasonable things and maybe even a bit counter-intuitive for the majority, which is a rare case for TED. After all, the unspoken commandment of a successful TED-performance: “Just say what everyone agrees with, but make it interesting and funny”.

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