Vinod Khosla Pitch Rules1 min read

These are Vinod Kosla’s recommendations for startup pitches, but they apply to a number of regular presentations as well


  1. State the problem; Emotion over details
  2. Title should be a message (e.g. “massive market”) not a topic (e.g. “Market”)
  3. 5 seconds rule: A slide idea should be understandable in 5 seconds.
  4. When slide is flashed up there should be one place to focus the users eyes… or slide is too complex
  5. 4 or 5 lines per page and no more than one picture/graphic per page (two very rarely)
  6. 5-6 words per line generally and 25 words per slide; try & fit all messages /sub- heads/headings in one line
  7. Minimum font size 22 or 24 pt for big headings & 18 or 20 pt font for sub-headings; 12 pt for “picture” view
  8. Have a lot of white space in each slide & light fonts to reduce complexity.
  9. Visceral story more important than complete story
  10. Make sure you cover all risks & contingency against each risk; if you don’t know say so
  11. Make sure you state what you are asking for and what will be deliverable for the “ask”
  12. Engineer the takeaways

Below is his presentation on the same topic, but with a little more detail


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