Правила презентаций Винода Кослы1 min read

Это правила для стартап-питчей, но применимы и к обычным презентациям.

1. State the problem; Emotion over details
2. Title should be a message (e.g. “massive market”) not a topic (e.g. “Market”)
3. 5 seconds rule: A slide idea should be understandable in 5 seconds.
4. When slide is flashed up there should be one place to focus the users eyes… or slide is too complex
5. 4 or 5 lines per page and no more than one picture/graphic per page (two very rarely)
6. 5-6 words per line generally and 25 words per slide; try & fit all messages /sub- heads/headings in one line
7. Minimum font size 22 or 24 pt for big headings & 18 or 20 pt font for sub-headings; 12 pt for “picture” view
8. Have a lot of white space in each slide & light fonts to reduce complexity.
9. Visceral story more important than complete story
10. Make sure you cover all risks & contingency against each risk; if you don’t know say so
11. Make sure you state what you are asking for and what will be deliverable for the “ask”
12. Engineer the takeaways

Исходник в слайдах.

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